Keep Your Focus: Make That Dream Come True


Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith…” (Hebrews 12:2 KJV).

Many people conceive astonishing dreams and visions. However, only a few are able to reach the place of their realization. To the vast majority, they just become vain imaginations and unmet desires.

In Mark 2:1-12, we find four men who sought for healing for their paralyzed friend from Jesus Christ. But they couldn’t have access to Him through the people gathered in their assembly room because of the huge crowd. Would they relent because of the crowd? No! So what did these four men do? This is what they did: “They uncovered the roof where He was. So when they had broken through, they let down the bed on which the paralytic was lying.” (Mark 2:4).

These four men would not let the crowd diffuse their focus and stop them from making their dream of sound health for their paralytic friend happen. They went up above the people, from outside, and uncovered the roof where Christ Jesus was; and they used rope to let down their friend through the opening. What an unorthodox way to gain direct access to where Jesus stood! Their dream of sound health for their friend was ultimately achieved.

Fulfilling a dream or vision often does not come easy. It may be faced with several obstacles and challenges. These may wear you down and make you emotionally and mentally unstable. Consequently, your focus could get distracted.

To these four men, their challenge was the huge crowd, a barrier to the realization of their dream, which stood between them and Jesus. However, these men kept their focus and refused to be distracted. Persevering with a keen focus made them unstoppable. Finally, they located the exact portion of the roof that opened to where Jesus stood.

Keeping keen focus will enable you to contain distractions, and their “dragging influence.” Never look up to people for motivation in the pursuit of your dreams. Don’t put your trust in people (Psalm 62:9; Jeremiah 17:5-8). Man is very “insufficient”, and therefore cannot make another man “sufficient” (2 Corinthians 3:5). The narrow-minded ones would even discourage you from going after your God-given vision because of their inadequacies.

Look rather to Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of your faith (Hebrews 12:2). Keep your focus come Him as you reach out for your dreams and vision. He would give you all it takes to realize those dreams if you seek to honour and glorify Him with them. Never let anything steal your focus. Live to fulfill your God ordained purpose, as you see your God-given dreams realized.

Stay blessed!


About Seth T. Boateng

Mr. Seth T. Boateng is a dynamic writer, Bible teacher, medical research scientist, lecturer and clinical microbiologist. The central theme of his message is the holistic empowerment of God's children to live fulfilling lives.
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