Inescapable Dangers of Untamed Feeling of Insecurity You Must Know

INSECURITY - WORRIEDIn a world with increasing unstable conditions and uncertainties, many of us struggle with a sense of insecurity. Any threat posed to our personal needs makes us insecure. However, this emotion must be contained and kept from reaching an unhealthy intensity.

A great feeling of insecurity in a man or woman is potentially dangerous, as many of the physical responses to this unhealthy emotional state tend to get things worse or messy.

Let us consider some dangers of insecurity when it’s left untamed in a person:

1. It drives a person to deprive others of security. This negative emotion could make the insecure person create conditions of fear and panic for other people; he could even murder in his attempt to quench his feeling of insecurity.

Insecurity would make a superior treat his subordinates harshly and maltreat them to impart fear into them, with the intent of cowing them into submission. As a result, he deprives them of security owing to his own insecurity.

King Herod wiped out all male children, from two years old and under, in Bethlehem and its districts in an attempt to kill Jesus when he felt his throne was threatened by his birth. Therefore, he massacred the innocent to satisfy his great insecurity. [Matthew 2:16-18]

How wicked an insecure man can be!

2. It makes one limit the potential of greatly endowed partners or subordinates. Everyone has at least one talent or gift from God [1 Corinthians 7:7]. However, these gifts fail to reach their maximum in insecure environments. Insecure environments hinder skill development and its utilization.

A boss who feels threatened by the skills of his subordinates might put impediments in their path to prevent the full realization of their potential. He wouldn’t give much room for the development of those skills he considers a threat to his position. Such is the likely behaviour of a husband who feels threatened by self-actualization of his well endowed wife. He tends to be controlling, and might even withhold the support needed for the wife to realize her full potential just to keep her in “check”.

These actions of such insecure persons sabotage their followers and partners, and eventually the success of their marriages, partnerships or organizations.

3. Insecurity hinders teamwork. The feeling of a threat of competition would make members of a group work against teamwork. As a result, there is lack of cooperation among team members. Insecure members fail to harmonize their talents with other members to increase team output. [Philippians 4:2; Romans 12:3-8]

These team members would always pursue their own selfish agendas to gratify themselves instead of working for the collective good of the team. They would project their own goals above that of their team and would never align their goals with their team’s to enhance group success. Consequently, there is a plateau or a decline in the performance and productivity in the long run.

4. Insecurity produces enormous stress on the body. Many of the activities elicited in response to insecurities largely bring unwarranted emotional pressure and physical strain on the body of the insecure person.

Anxiety and worry produced by insecurity causes mental disturbances and deprives one of a peaceful state of mind. Moreover, such persons in positions of authority fail to delegate low-priority tasks or give “some power away.” They seriously surround themselves with activities that could easily be delegated and supervised. And extreme pressure from these physically wears down their bodies.

Subsequently, the emotional pressure leads to psychosomatic ailments, whilst the physical strain causes their immunity against diseases to wane with time.

5. Ultimately, it mostly drives the threatened issue into being. It is amazing but many of the actions resulting from insecurities seem to provide the necessary impetus for the feared condition to materialize.

Consider the things a wife, who feels threatened by the presence of his husband’s female co-worker, can do. Many times, such wives let their jealousy spiral out of control and begin to behave absurdly towards their husbands. Many turn from the loving wife their husbands knew to something else, which tend to push them away from home.

The sons of Jacob drove Joseph away into slavery only to materialize the condition for their insecurity in the long run – only to make him ruler over them [Genesis 37, Genesis 39 – Genesis 45]. Rehoboam, son of King Solomon, lost ten tribes because of a decree he made out of fear of losing the throne [1 Kings 12]. And the Presidents and Princes who sought to destroy Daniel for his excellence, during the reign of Darius, ended up destroying themselves and their families; and enhancing his prosperity under the King instead [Daniel 6].

One could have all presumed needs met but still be heavily insecure. True security is tied to one’s relationship with God. God will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him, because he trusts in Him [Isaiah 26:3].

Surrendering the numerous insecurities that plague our lives to Him is the only way to deal with them. Beware! Gross insecurity is like a wild fire that ravages anything that crosses its path. Get secured in God, the perfect source of security!

God bless you!



About Seth T. Boateng

Mr. Seth T. Boateng is a dynamic writer, Bible teacher, medical research scientist, lecturer and clinical microbiologist. The central theme of his message is the holistic empowerment of God's children to live fulfilling lives.
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