Amazing Physical Benefits of Living in Holiness

Beauty of HolinessHoliness, the prime nature of the Almighty God, means absolute purity. Life of holiness is a life that pursues sanctity and righteousness; it is a life devoid of sin, the transgression of the laws of God. Holiness is the attribute that makes a man divine.

However, there are enormous physical benefits attached to a holy life. There are physical gains one experiences in addition to the awesome spiritual revenues of holiness.

Amazing physical benefits of living a life of holiness includes:

1. Unfading Beauty: God told Moses in Exodus 28 to make holy garments for Aaron and his sons. These holy garments were intended for glory and for beauty; they were to make Aaron and his son look handsome as they minister to God in the priestly office.

A life of holiness makes a person beautiful and exceedingly attractive. One keeps his or her physical features for long whilst living in holiness. David said this allegorically in Psalm 1:3, “His leaf also shall not wither…”

A life of sin destroys the body. Living a lawless life wears the body and depletes its strength. Zophar said, “His bones are full of the sin of his youth…” [Job 20:11] As sin accumulates in the body, it loses its inviting features and gets unattractive.

A holy person looks beautiful all through the seasons of his or her life; even in old age, he or she will still look alluring. God’s call for holiness in His children is absolutely a call to make them beautiful.

2. Self-confidence: Holiness is a recipe for building a confident personality. Living in holiness makes an individual bold and secured. King Solomon once said, “The wicked flee when one man pursueth; but the righteous are as bold as a lion.” [Proverbs 28:1]

Holiness engenders bravery in a person. He freely moves forward with his business knowing he’s got nothing to hide, has no skeletons in his cupboard.

Sin negatively affects one’s conscience; guilt makes a person lose confidence in himself. It makes a person unable to exude that confident personality. Ungodliness is exceedingly destructive to self-confidence. In effect, whilst holiness establishes concrete self-confidence, sin makes an individual a coward.

3. Honour: The holy garments of Aaron and his sons were designed for honour. Holiness clothes a man with immense honour. A holy life is an honourable life. Uprightness in one’s deeds promotes his or her self esteem.

A holy man is respected and revered by his peers. Why?

He shuns transgression of laws that open the portals of rebuke, reproach and shame to his life. Therefore, he is far from humiliation and its accompanying dishonour.

4. Good health and long life: Holiness makes the body healthy. Honouring your body as a temple of the Living God will prevent you from abusing the body. This will make the body retain its strength for long; and as your days, so shall your strength be. [Deuteronomy 33:25] This was so with Moses: “And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated.” [Deuteronomy 34:7]

A life of holiness will keep most preventable diseases away. Diseases promoted by sexual immorality, drunkenness, filthiness, smoking and such vices would be far from a holy person. And as a result, the good health will assure him of a long life.

5. Peace and Prosperity: “There is no peace, saith the Lord, unto the wicked.” [Isaiah 48:22] The troubles associated with a life of sin deprive a person of peace in his or her life. A sinner can’t rest assured of safety. “There shall no evil happen to the just: but the wicked shall be filled with mischief.” [Proverbs 12:21] Evil always pursue the sinner.

A sinful life is an unstable life. The sinner is like the chaff which the wind drives away [Psalms 1:4]. Holiness offers a stable, tranquil life to its followers.

Furthermore, peace provides the needed atmosphere for one to thrive and prosper. A peaceful mind in a healthy body can exercise its full potential. A strong body provides the needed strength, a vital resource, for realization of prosperity.

In addition, a sinful life depletes one’s financial strength. Finances get expended on sinful orgies and a host of other wasteful indulgences, and recovery from diseases inflicted by sin.

Holiness will always set one up for a life of peace and prosperity.

6. True Happiness: Ultimately, holiness leads to a life of true happiness. Certainly, a man or woman having peace, honour and self-confidence with good health and enjoying prosperity will experience real happiness in his or her life. Nothing can rob holiness of the true happiness it offers its subjects.

The pleasures of sin, that are but for a moment, are not worthy to be compared with the prized fruits of holiness, whether spiritual or physical. Beloved, pursue holiness to enjoy the very best of lives here on earth and in eternity.

Stay blessed as you follow after Holiness!


About Seth T. Boateng

Mr. Seth T. Boateng is a dynamic writer, Bible teacher, medical research scientist, lecturer and clinical microbiologist. The central theme of his message is the holistic empowerment of God's children to live fulfilling lives.
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