4 Questions Whose Answers Could Make You A Great Partner

Be a Great PartnerA wonderful partner, who supports and complements his or her spouse, is the best gift the spouse could ever have. For this cause, becoming the best partner for your spouse is necessary if you truly love and care about him or her.

Let’s consider four questions whose answers can make you that prized partner to your spouse:

1. What does my partner need?

This is an important question that focuses on the needs of your partner at each moment in time. It is a good question to remain unselfish in a relationship. Often, many people give their partners what they need instead of providing what is needed by their partners; they focus on themselves instead of their partners.

One thing that must be borne in mind is that specific needs of individuals change with time; as the seasons of life change, these needs get altered as well. What your partner needs today may be different from what the needs would be tomorrow.

At a material moment, what is needed could be comfort, empathy, words of affirmation, giving of your time or just being physically present with your spouse. Therefore, a closer look at this question would enable one take cognizance of specific needs at each season of life and provide the much needed support for his or her spouse.

Knowing exactly what your partner needs at each time and season of life would invariably enhance your chances of making the appropriate contributions to his or her life.

2. What can I do for my partner?

Following that first question, this one focuses on your abilities and all you’re capable of doing in that material moment. This question stimulates a deep inward search for all possible things one can do that could be of benefit to his or her partner and their relationship. Know that God has blessed His children with enormous potential awaiting discovery and use.

There is always something one could do to help with a matter or improve the life of his or her spouse at each season of life. You could take supportive actions, provide emotional support, offer encouraging words or do something else. Think! Answers to this question will provide you a workable framework to enhance the life of your partner.

3. How can I be of service?

This is a question that engenders thought of possible ways one could employ answers to the previous question to be of help to his or her partner at a moment in time. It requires wisdom to know, of all one could do, which applies best to help with a cause or make the life of the other partner better. You can seek wise counsel on this issue if troubled.

Being of service improves the quality of the relationship. One thing couples must know is that, as you seek to better the lives of each other, you experience less tension in the relationship. Also, you become more valuable to each other as you continually seek ways to add value to each other’s lives.

4. How can I be a better partner?

This question talks about your self-development and changes that could occur in you, instead of wanting your partner to change. Self-development is necessary if one desires to meet the demands of the ever-changing trends of our civilization. A critical look at oneself in the light of the needs of his or her partner would provide areas self-development is much needed.

Find avenues to develop yourself. Do develop the talents or skills that would be beneficial to your spouse and the relationship. Think of how you can increase your chances of being able to help your partner and make significant contributions to his or her life. Answers to this question would make you a better person, as you seek to better the life of another.



Galatians 6:2; Galatians 6:9-10; Philippians 2:4; Ephesians 4:32; 1 Corinthians 13:4-7


About Seth T. Boateng

Mr. Seth T. Boateng is a dynamic writer, Bible teacher, medical research scientist, lecturer and clinical microbiologist. The central theme of his message is the holistic empowerment of God's children to live fulfilling lives.
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