5 Simple Ways to Enhance Family Fellowship in a Busy World

FAMILY IIThe 21st Century Family is faced with many serious challenges. One of such is the increasing loss of family cohesion, a firm foundation for stable families. The number of well-knitted families keeps dwindling. The financial pressure arising from the current economic stress has created extreme busyness around. Consequently, time for face-to-face interactions of family members keeps lessening; and this near elimination of meaningful family member interactions has adversely affected quality family fellowship.

Here are 5 simple ways to enhance family fellowship in this busy world:

  1. Eat together. The family should endeavor to take breakfast and supper at the same table; at least one of the day’s meals should be taken together. This enhances family ties as all members are present to dine together.
  1. Exercise together. The family could exercise together on set days. Saturdays are more appropriate. It is exciting to see all members participate in a common activity. It is also fun and keeps all members healthy and fit as well.
  1. Carry out family outings on holidays. Going to recreational parks or other places of excitement to have fun enhances family member interactions. It is enjoyable, relaxes all members and unites the family.
  1. Have morning devotion together. Pray together every morning or on set days. Always remember this saying: “A family that prays together, sticks together.”
  1. Fellowship with one Church. Fellowshipping with one assembly gives all members a common religious support. This is vital for the spiritual well-being of the family. It gives time to family members to engage one another as your head towards and leave the same assembly grounds.

About Seth T. Boateng

Mr. Seth T. Boateng is a dynamic writer, Bible teacher, medical research scientist, lecturer and clinical microbiologist. The central theme of his message is the holistic empowerment of God's children to live fulfilling lives.
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